Galletly S.A. – audioprojects is strongly committed to the security of the information entrusted to them. As a provider of audiovisual content localisation services, audioprojects has pledged to implement an Information Management System (IMS) that ensures the protection of clients’ content and reinforces protection against threats.


Information Security, in this context, means the preservation of these three essential characteristics: confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.  To this end, audioprojects establishes the following as core goals, a reference point and a foundation for the objectives and principles of Information Security:

  • The protection of personal data and the privacy of individuals.
  • The protection of intellectual property rights of audiovisual content.
  • The establishment of a system for classifying information and safeguarding information systems.
  • The commitment to raising awareness and providing specific security information training to all members of staff.
  • The recording of security incidents and learning from them.
  • The assurance of the Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility of the information that supports content localisation services.


Through the development and implementation of the Information Management System, audioprojects commits to the following:

  • To establish annual objectives in relation to Information Security.
  • To develop a process of risk analysis and, depending on the results of said analysis, to implement the corresponding measures in order to address high and medium risks.
  • To establish the control objectives and the necessary countermeasures to mitigate security risks.
  • To develop a system for registering and regulating the security system which will allow continual improvement.
  • To comply with the business requirements, legal and regulatory, and with the contractual security obligations.
  • To manage business continuity, developing continuity plans.
  • To adhere to the strictest professional ethics at all times. Actuar en todo momento dentro de la más estricta ética profesional.


This policy complements the safety objectives approved annually and is available for all interested parties to consult on our webpage.


Barcelona, 2nd February 2021

Andrew Galletly

Director of Audioprojects